Huntsville Library Foundation

Our Mission

A city cannot be great without a great library. The mission of the Huntsville Library Foundation is to advocate for the Library and to acquire resources that enhance the Library's value to the community.

About Us

Founded in 1986, The Huntsville Library Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to advocate for the library and to acquire resources that enhance the library’s value to the community. This team of dedicated individuals works year-round to raise funds for the library’s 12 branches to better serve Madison County. The Foundation believes that a great library helps make a great community.

This year the Huntsville Library Foundation will make contributions to all 12 branches of the library system totaling over $130,000. The Foundation has funded the DMZ (Digital Media Zone), the Summer Reading program, and has given to increase the materials budget of each branch.

The Foundation also sponsors the annual event Vive le Livre - Long Live the Book and other author events to raise money for the Library.


Why do Libraries Matter?