Public Computers

There are multiple computers for public use at each HMCPL branch location

Computer Training Center

Our Technology Training Center (TTC), located on the second floor of the Downtown Huntsville Library, offers free classes to the public. When classes are not meeting, these computers are open for the public to use for word processing, Internet surfing, etc. Learn more about our Technology Training Center.

Free Computer Classes

In addition to public computer access, we offer free computer classes to our patrons. Visit our classes FAQ ("frequently asked questions") page to find out more about our classes, or see our course catalog for descriptions of each of the classes we offer. Learn more about our free computer classes.

Please note that all classes which are offered in a series must be taken in sequence from the beginning.

Please note that for any class with prerequisites, the prerequisites must have been completed within the 18 months previous to that class.

Computer Use Policies

Our computer use policies are available online.

Available in Following Branches: