How to make a reservation (Video)



How to make a reservation (Text)

  1. Have your library card and password ready.
  2. Start the reservation process at, noting the FAQ, Amenities and Pricing pages
  3. Choose "Click here to begin your reservation"
  4. On your first visit you will be asked your booking type. Please choose from patron, for-profit, non-profit, Government or Education. This should match the verified information we have in your Library Card details
  5. If your browser accepts cookies this information will be retained
  6. On the left hand side, choose a date for your booking
  7. On the left hand side, choose a choose which branch(es) you'd like to reserve a room or equipment
  8. The rooms and equipment that are available for the date and the location selected appear in the main area of the screen
    1. The smaller rooms are available immediately 
    2. The maker-space equipment is available three days in advance
    3. The larger rooms are available a week in advance
  9. Select the room or maker-space equipment you want to reserve 
  10. Choose your preferred time frame. It must be in hourly increments
  11. Some rooms require a deposit and fees. See the full list on our Charges page
    1. Under Layouts you will be prompted to select “Deposit Required" 
    2. Under Additional Resources choose "! Mandatory hourly fee" and add the number of hours you've requested the room from the drop down list
  12. You may now add any other options that you want to associate with your reservation. Charges for these options may be found here.
    1. If you choose "Staff Setup and Take Down" please visit the setup options page and let us know which arrangement you require from these options in the "Anything else to add about this reservation request?" information box during the request process. In order to complete your request it is also necessary that you choose the "Staff Setup and Take Down" option under "Additional Resources"
  13. The system calculates the price of your room automatically in the bottom right hand side
  14. Once you are satisfied, select Choose 
  15. Enter your library card number and pin (password) to Login 
  16. The information is populated from your Library Card number. If this information is incorrect, please visit your branch library
  17. Complete all mandatory fields
    1. If you are an individual you can enter "individual" in the Group Name field
    2. If we have a Deposit on file for you or if staff set-up is purchased, please provide details in the "Is there anything else to add?" area
  18. Agree to the Terms and Conditions (Policies)
  19. Select Next 
  20. When you are satisfied with the booking details - select 'Reserve'
    1. If fees are owed please bring a printed copy of this page or email confirmation showing the price breakdown.
  21. You will receive email confirmation of your request as will as follow-up information
  22. To check the booking status or cancel your request please visit, logging in with your library card number and PIN or your reference number and last name
  23. To edit your request please call the branch in which you have reserved the room
  24. To pay for your reservation, please visit the branch in which you have reserved the room, bringing a print-out of your room reservation confirmation email for reference
  25. To claim your reservation, please present or bring a copy of your confirmation email to library staff. 

For technical assistance please contact