Launchpad To Literacy

The Launchpad to Literacy Fund was created after the Library faced a huge increase in demand for children’s print books since the pandemic, as more children are spending time and learning at home.

The goal of Launchpad to Literacy is to meet the demand for children's print books, especially leveled-readers, chapter books and picture books, to give families better access to books and encourage more reading.

Print v. Digital

•Studies have shown elementary aged children read better and absorb more with books in print versus digital.

•Studies have shown that young readers learned more from text on paper.

Screen Fatigue

•Researchers at the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education concluded reading traditional books provides a respite from the bombardment of screens and the distractions that come with them.

Digital Divide/Equity

•To bridge the digital divide, the library understands the need to not only provide resources to better digital literacy, but to have physical printed books too. Not everyone has technology resources at home whether it is devices or reliable internet.

•The types and number of devices children have access to can make a difference in how they learn.

•Since most students with access to one device are underserved, this further widens the already large equity gaps in education.In todays society, without having tech resources available it can be easy for children and the household to get left behind.

Launchpad to Literacy is supported by:

and Representative Mike Ball


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